Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 2, 2014

Hello my Gore-Tex wearing compadres! I have been talking to Troy, Isaac and Pat about the fishing and it is time to get your fish on! I had a chance to go down and spend a couple days and make some casts myself and had a great time. Troy and I caught a lot of fish in the softer water and about 70% took the worm most of the other fish were tuned into yellow stoneflies. Water color was that perfect light green and flows were friendly. Because of the lower than normal snowpack you can plan on being able to fish all of the early hatches and have a May with no missed days. The road to Platoro is now open all the way and the guides have been out “sampling” the fishing and they told me they have had days with tons of “Doubles”! Fish wintered well and are healthy. The higher you get the more it is likely to be wormy, midgy, and see some baetis. Lower river will fish more effectively with Stoneflies and then experimenting with Rainbow Warriors, Chironocones, PT’s, Flashbangs, dead drifted leeches, and Salvations. Lower river fish will go on the worm during wet conditions or whenever you are walking in mud next to river!

The Superfly this year was loaded with some really great people and they were greeted with cold, snow, wind, higher water and the like! No complainers! Troy said he went out the day after the fly and caught more fish in 90 minutes than he did in two days of the Fly! And so it is! Drinnen/Rhamy won the over all. Rob Scott and myself had the high score and names from the past like Toliver, Buchanan, Pauly, Scott, Dean, etc were all up towards the top of the board. We will have a more complete write up of the Superfly coming with all of the results of the top teams. In the next few weeks you will soon enjoy a brand new website that will be more user friendly, colorful, online reservations, sign up for fishing reports sent directly to you immediately and a much better format.
Get a chance give us a call and book some time with us. The cabins and guides all have holes in the schedule in May and early June. Most of Colorado will be blown out with heavy runoff for the next 6 weeks while the Conejos drainage with the convenience of the dam at Platoro will run clear and fish well with no crowds during those 6 weeks.

*We would like to wish Isaac Dean, one of our Core Guides, the best. He is participating in the US Pro Fly Fishing Tour in Reno, NV in the next few days. We are excited for him as he embarks on this new tour and happy for him to represent Conejos River Anglers out in the competitive world of fly fishing! Get a chance come and hire some of these guys! They are incredibly gifted, great teachers, hard workers, care as much or more than you about your day, and walk with a ton of humility! I am proud to be able to work with such a gifted fun bunch! See you on the water soon!

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